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Aoteli Brand 13′′ Inches Car Tyres Made in China (165/65R13)

Basic Info

Model No.:  165/65R13

Product Description

Model NO.: 165/65R13 Diameter: 13-14" Tyres Width: 155-295 Tread Pattern: Highway Tread Pattern Spare Tire Type: Full-size Spare Tire Brand: Aoteli Three-a Rapid Material: From Thailand/Malaysia Load Index: 73 Tread Depth(mm): 7.3 Warranty: at Least 80, 000kms Design: Design for Touring Performance Specification: CCC, CE HS Code: 40111000 Type: Tube Tire Design: Radial Tyre Certification: ECE, ISO, CCC, CE, RoHS, FCC, Soncap, Inmetro, Bis, Saso, etc. Inner Tube: With Inner Tube Spare Tire: Non-Spare Tire Name: Aoteli Brand 13′′ Inches Car Tyres Made in China Modle Size: 155/65r13 Overall Diameter(mm): 532 Utqg: 400AA Delivery Time: Within 15 Days Trademark: AOTELI THREE-A RAPID Origin: Shandong, China Aoteli brand 13'' inches car tyres made in China(165/65R13)


1) World leading technology from Europe. 
2) Best Natural rubber from Malaysia and Thailand.
3) Advanced production Equipments from Italy,Germany and Holland. 
4) World leading technology ensures dependable, economical, comfortable, 
5) Excellent quality tires with warranty of 80,000 KM.
6) ISO,CCC,ECE,DOT,GCC,REACH,EU-LABLE, SONCAP, BIS, certificates approved.
7) Delivery time within 15 days after order confirmed.
8) Different sizes and patterns mixed in one container is allowed.


Productioin Description:


China TOP 10 car tyre manufacturer.
Covers an area of 600, 000 square meters.
More than 1300 employees.
Production capacity: Over 18 millions pcs per year.
Certificates:  ISO,CCC,ECE,DOT,GCC,REACH,EU-LABLE, SONCAP, BIS, certificates approved.


Car tyres with summer and winter pattern. LIght truck tyres, 4*4 tyres.

1) All season high performance tread design. Uniform contact pressure offers a stable and comfortable riding.

2) Outstanding handling performance on wet road.

3) Shoulder area sub groove delivers dreduced tire noise, improved grip when cornering in the wet and allows excess heat to escape.

4)  Two-way symmetrical tread pattern, perfect touchdown, with a strong grip.

Small grooves and steel discs added on the tread reduce noise while driving, contribute to comfortable driving.

Outstanding handling on dry & wet surface, excellent driving and braking performance, taking full advantage of tire sports properties, providing driving pleasure.

V-shaped tread design, low rolling resistance, outstanding environment protecting performance.

Enhanced rim design protecting rim from impact damage.

High praise from North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, EU, Russia and Africa, Europe----more than 90 countries

Technical Specifications:
165/70R13 79T WINTER  RX808
175/70R13 82T WINTER  RX808
185/60R14 82T WINTER  RX808
175/65R14 82T WINTER  RX808
175/65R14 86TXL WINTER  RX808
185/65R14 90TXL WINTER  RX808
185/70R14 88T WINTER  RX808
195/55R15 85T WINTER  RX808
195/60R15 88T WINTER  RX808
185/65R15 88T WINTER  RX808
195/65R15 91T WINTER  RX808
205/65R15 94T WINTER  RX808
205/70R15 96T WINTER  RX808
215/70R15 98T WINTER  RX808
215/75R15 100T WINTER  RX808
205/55R16 91T WINTER  RX808
205/55R16 94TXL WINTER  RX808
215/55R16 93T WINTER  RX808
215/55R16 97TXL WINTER  RX808
215/60R16 95T WINTER  RX808
215/60R16 99TXL WINTER  RX808
225/60R16 102TXL WINTER  RX808
215/65R16 98T WINTER  RX808
255/65R16 109T WINTER  RX808
215/70R16 100T WINTER  RX808
235/70R16 109TXL WINTER  RX808
225/50R17 94T WINTER  RX808
185/55R15  82V HP RX3
185/60R14  82H HP RX3
185/65R14  86T HP RX3
185/65R14  86H HP RX3
185/65R15  88T HP RX3
185/65R15  88H HP RX3
195/50R15  82H HP RX3
195/50R15  82V HP RX3
195/55R15  85V HP RX3
195/60R14   86H HP RX3
195/60R15  88H HP RX3
195/60R15  88V HP RX3
195/65R15  91H HP RX3
195/65R15  91V HP RX3
195/70R14  91T HP RX3
195/70R14  91H HP RX3
205/55R16  91H HP RX3
205/55R16   91V HP RX3
205/60R15   91H HP RX3
205/60R15  91V HP RX3
205/60R16  92H HP RX3
205/60R16   92V HP RX3
205/60R16  96V XL HP RX3
205/65R15   94H HP RX3
205/65R15  94V HP RX3
215/60R16  95H HP RX3
215/60R16  95V HP RX3
215/60R16  99V XL HP RX3
225/60R16  98H HP RX3
225/60R16   98V HP RX3
P215/75R15 101H HP RX3
P215/75R15 101V HP RX3
P225/75R15 104H HP RX3
P225/75R15 104V HP RX3
205/70R14 98HXL HP RX3
205/70R14 98VXL HP RX3
215/65R16 98H HP RX3
215/65R16 98V HP RX3
165/70R13(C)LT   6PR RX1/RX501
155R13C 85/83N 6PR MILEMAX RX501
155R13C 90/88N 8PR MILEMAX RX501
165R13C 91/89N 6PR MILEMAX RX501
165R13C 94/93N 8PR MILEMAX RX501
165/70R14LT    89/87R 6PR MILEMAX RX501
175R13C 94/92N 6PR MILEMAX RX501
175R13C 97/95Q 8PR MILEMAX RX501
205/50R16  87W SPORT RX6
205/50R16  87V SPORT RX6
205/55R16  91W SPORT RX6
205/55R16  91V SPORT RX6
205/55R16  94W XL SPORT RX6
205/55R16  94V XL SPORT RX6
215/55R16  97WXL SPORT RX6
215/55R16 97VXL SPORT RX6
225/50R16  96WXL SPORT RX6
225/50R16  96VXL SPORT RX6
225/55R16  99WXL SPORT RX6
225/55R16  99VXL SPORT RX6
225/55R16  95W SPORT RX6
225/55R16 95V SPORT RX6
205/40R17  84WXL SPORT RX6
205/45R17  88WXL SPORT RX6
205/50R17 93WXL SPORT RX6
215/40R17   87WXL SPORT RX6
215/45R17  91WXL SPORT RX6
215/45R17  87W SPORT RX6
225/45R17  94WXL SPORT RX6
225/55R17  101WXL SPORT RX6
235/45R17   97WXL SPORT RX6
235/55R17  103WXL SPORT RX6
215/35R18   84WXL SPORT RX6
225/40R18  92WXL SPORT RX6
235/40R18  95WXL SPORT RX6
225/45ZR18 95WXL SPORT RX6
195/50R16 88VXL SPORT RX6
215/45ZR18 89Y SPORT RX6
175/50R16 77V SPORT RX6
185/50R16 81V SPORT RX6
195/40ZR17 81WXL SPORT RX6
195/45ZR17 85WXL SPORT RX6
215/40ZR18 85W SPORT RX6
215/40ZR18 85Y SPORT RX6
245/40ZR18 97WXL SPORT RX6
215/45ZR18 89W SPORT RX6
235/45ZR18 98YXL SPORT RX6
245/45ZR18   100WXL SPORT RX6
ST235/80R16 10PR ST100
ST225/75R15 10PR ST100
ST225/75R15 8PR ST100
ST205/75R15 8PR ST100
ST205/75R14 6PR ST100
ST175/80R13 6PR ST100
ST205/75R14 6PR ST100
ST205/75R15 6PR ST100
205/70R15 96H SUV  RX702
255/70R15 108H SUV  RX702
235/60R16 100H SUV  RX702
215/65R16 98H SUV  RX702
235/55R17 99H SUV  RX702
275/55R17 109V SUV  RX702
225/65R17 102V SUV  RX702
235/65R17 104V SUV  RX702
245/65R17 107H SUV  RX702
265/65R17 112H SUV  RX702
285/65R17 116H SUV  RX702
235/55ZR18 104WXL SUV  RX702
255/55ZR18 109WXL SUV  RX702
255/55ZR18 109YXL SUV  RX702
235/60R18 107VXL SUV  RX702
255/60ZR18 112WXL SUV  RX702
255/50ZR19 107WXL SUV  RX702
255/50ZR19 107YXL SUV  RX702
245/55ZR19 103W SUV  RX702
255/55ZR19 111WXL SUV  RX702
245/35ZR20 95WXL SUV  RX702
245/35ZR20 95YXL SUV  RX702
255/35ZR20 97WXL SUV  RX702
255/35ZR20 97YXL SUV  RX702
31×10.50R15 109S SUV  RX706
LT215/85R16 115/112S SUV  RX706
LT225/75R16 115/112S SUV  RX706
LT235/85R16 120/116S SUV  RX706
LT245/75R16 120/116S SUV  RX706
LT265/75R16 123/120S SUV  RX706
LT285/75R16 122/119S SUV  RX706
LT305/70R16 118/115S SUV  RX706
LT265/70R17 121/118S SUV  RX706
LT315/70R17  121/118S SUV  RX706
P235/75R15 108TXL SUV  RX706
P235/70R16 104T SUV  RX706
P235/65R17 103T SUV  RX706
155/65R13 73T TOUR RX1
155/70R13  75T TOUR RX1
155/80R13  79T TOUR RX1
165/65R13  77T TOUR RX1
165/70R13  79T TOUR RX1
165/70R14  81T TOUR RX1
165/80R13  83T TOUR RX1
175/60R13  77H TOUR RX1
175/60R13  77T TOUR RX1
175/65R14  82H TOUR RX1
175/65R14  82T TOUR RX1
175/65R14  86T XL TOUR RX1
175/70R13  82H TOUR RX1
175/70R13  82T TOUR RX1
175/70R14  84H TOUR RX1
175/70R14  84T TOUR RX1
185/70R13  86T XL TOUR RX1
185/70R14  88H TOUR RX1
185/70R14  88T TOUR RX1
155R12C  6PR TOUR RX1
155R12C  10PR TOUR RX1
185/75R16C   104/102R VAN RX5
185R14C  102/100Q VAN RX5
195/65R16C  104/102R VAN RX5
195/65R16C  100/98R VAN RX5
195/70R15C  104/102R VAN RX5
195/75R16C  107/105R VAN RX5
195R14C  106/104Q VAN RX5
195R15C 106/104Q VAN RX5
205/65R16C  107/105R VAN RX5
205/70R15C  106/104R VAN RX5
215/65R16C  109/107R VAN RX5
215/70R16LT  104/102N VAN RX5
215/70R16LT  100/97N VAN RX5
215/75R15LT  100/97N VAN RX5
215/75R16C  116/114R VAN RX5
215/75R16C  113/111R VAN RX5
225/65R16C  112/110R VAN RX5
225/70R15C  112/110R VAN RX5
235/65R16C   115/113R VAN RX5

Company Information

Founded in 2004, SHANDONG ZHONGYI RUBBER CO., LTD HAS DEVELOPED INTO A COMPREHENSIVE MANAFACTURING ENTERPRISE IN cHINA INTERGRATING r&d, production and sales of high performance commercial vehicle tires and passenger Car Tires.

High standards and strict requirements lead to good quality products. ZHONGYI has been awarded ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001. ZHONGYI tires comply with CCC, ISO/TS169459, DOT, ECE, GCC, BIS, SONCAP and SASO.

Annual production of ZHONGYI PCR Tires is 20 million pieces. New TBR plant will be launched in 2015. ZHONGYI tires have been well sold in more than 90 countires and regions all over the world , especially in U.S. Canada, European countries, Mid-East, Asian countries.

Every ZHONGYI perple will stick to our motto of Passioin for Perfection, and every ZHONGYI tire will be made to meet our customers' highest requirement.
ZHONGYI RUBBER CO., LTD is willing to grow with our partners from all over the world, and creat win-win together!


Cooperation terms: 
Delivery time of tyre: Within15 days 
Payment terms: TT or L/C at sight 
Departure sea port: Qingdao 
MOQ: 1X40''HC Mixed( Allowed 1X20''GP Mixed as a trial order)
OEM for private is accepted 
Warranty: At least 80,000kms
Besides Passenger Car Tyre(PCR), we also export Truck and Bus Tyre(TBR), Off-the-Road Tyre(OTR), Truck Wheel Rims and OEM Services of tyres for your choice, please send me inquiry if need.

If available, welcome to China and have a visit to our company and factory! Hope we can have chance to cooperate with each Other and build long-term business relationship in the near future!

Any interest or requirement, please contact me without hesitation.

Waiting for your kind reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Elsie Liu
Sales Manager
Qingdao Great Xinda Group Co., Ltd
Qingdao, China
Tel: +86-532-68067934
Mob: +8613905427606  +86-15092095795

Contact us if you need more details on Aoteli Brand 13′′ Inches Car Tyres Made in China (165/65R13). We are ready to answer your questions on packaging, logistics, certification or any other aspects about China Aoteli Brand Car Tyre、China 13 Inches PCR Tyres. If these products fail to match your need, please contact us and we would like to provide relevant information.

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